Pre-Assignment Meeting

We want you to have the BEST pet sitting experience possible so the following policies are designed to give you confidence in our services with safety and enjoyment for your pets as our paramount priority.

Reservations should be made as soon as you've finalized your travel plans so we may reserve the time(s) of the day you prefer.  Reservations can be placed by email at jaxpetsitting@gmail.com.

You may also text or call us at 904-887-5836, however written confirmation is required before service begins. We will confirm all reservations via telephone, text or email. 

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations made during the holidays should be made no less than two weeks in advance to avoid disapointment due to availability, however we will always try to accommodate you if our schedules permit. 

Frequency of Visits


Before any services may begin an in home client consultation must be scheduled. This usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. It is important that we meet you and your pet(s) so that you may explain their routine and walk us through your home. We will provide you with a full description of services at that time. References are available upon request.

During the meeting we will acquire as much information relating to your pet(s) as possible. This will reduce the likelihood of any misunderstandings and the frequency of phone calls asking for clarification.  Typically the type of information we require will be:

  • A description of your pet(s) daily routine
  • A list of any health problems and/or medications required by your pets
  • Contact information for your veterinarian
  • Contact information for other home maintenance workers (e.g., plumbers, electricians, etc.)
  • Location of your pet’s favorite toys, collar and leash, ID tags, pooper scoopers, litter boxes, cat litter disposal bags and cleaning supplies and of course their favorite hiding places! 
  • Written verification of any and all vaccines that have been given to your pets
  • Your contact information in your absence
  • A list of any rooms that are off-limits to people or pets
  • Location of your fuse box and any new fuses, thermostat, main water shut-off valve, gas shut-off valve, fire extinguisher, etc.

Please do not ask for 2 visits per day for dogs (unless 24/7 secure access to the outside is available for them).  In this circumstance outside access for your dogs may also mean access to your house from outside entities (i.e. pets/animals/people) so you will be required to sign a Liability Waiver releasing us from personal and insurance liabilities and/or damage/loss to your pets or property.

Florida is either really hot or really cold.... and no place to keep a dog on a temporary or permanent basis. please don't ask us to care for pets this way, we are an 'in-home' pet sitting company, no exceptions. 

We specialize in all types of dogs and we are AMERICAN RED CROSS PET FIRST AID CERTIFIED.  We administer meds free of charge and cater for all dogs from puppies to seniors.  We can help guide you through crate & potty training as part of our pet sitting service and we will work with you to maintain your established and ongoing potty and obedience training routines upon request.

We take non-aggressive PIT-BULLS / ROTTWEILERS / MASTIFFS and DOBERMANS- in fact all LARGE BREED DOGS and they are among our favorites!  Call now!

In the event of injury, illness or emergency, every attempt will be made to secure a back up sitter for you and your pet(s). If no local pet sitter can be secured we will call your emergency contact or other family member. 

We Don't Do Garaged Dogs


Veterinarian Arrangements


We ask that you notify and leave your credit card on file with your veterinarian in the case of an emergency.


Job Sharing 

& Cleaning Services 


Key pick-up and drop off charges may apply if the client does not wish to lodge keys with Jax Pet Sitting.  For your security, your name and address will never be placed on your key tags. We use pet names and a number system so in the event a key is dropped or stolen it cannot be connected to your home. We would like you to supply 2 sets of keys prior to your departure.  Please note we have to hand your keys back to you.  We do not leave keys 'under the mat'

Please leave specific instructions relating to the current visit if there are any changes in routine. While we have the instructions in our files from the original consultation, things may have changed slightly from the previous visit. Also, please advise us if there is alarm code or key changes before you leave. Make sure we have up-to-date emergency contact info in the case we are unable to get into your home or if there are questions or issues that arise while you are away. Please leave food, medications, special treats, or cat litter disposal bags where we can easily see them.

Please note that for vacation pet sitting assignments we provide a minimum of one (1) visit per day for cats and three (3) visits per day for dogs (see DOGS  below for exceptions). Additional visits will be provided upon request, schedule permitting. Visits are of course pro rata and 1 or 2 visits for dogs will be scheduled on the first and last days of your vacation depending on your departure and arrival times.

Before You Leave 

Please do not ask for 'every other day' visits for cats, we do not feel comfortable leaving cats unattended for more than 24 hours in case they get into difficulties or have urgent health issues.

Payment for first service is taken at the Pre Assignment Meeting; payment for subsequent services is due on or before the requested date of service unless other arrangements have been discussed. Payment may be left on your kitchen counter.

Payment for bookings for major holidays (July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas) is collected at time of booking (see Cancellation policy below).

Please make checks out to Jax Pet Sitting.

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Any questions?  Please feel free to call or email us!

ALL pets should be up-to-date on vaccinations. Jax Pet Sitting can ONLY look after pets that are part of your own fur family. Exceptions can be made if you have friends or families pets there but we have to meet them and evaluate them before accepting them for assignment. Jax Pet Sitting cannot provide service for aggressive animals or those with a history of biting; this is for our safety. It is highly recommended that ALL pets wear identification tags while in our care. Jax Pet Sitting reserves the right to refuse pet sitting care to any pet owner for any reason.

Jax Pet Sitting is not financially responsible for any damage or destruction resulting from the pet(s) actions or health problems.

All holiday bookings must be firm bookings as this is a very busy time for us, so please ensure you have confirmed dates and times in advance of booking as late changes will have an impact on our scheduling and other pet visits - thank you.


*Bookings which are cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice are subject to a 50% cancellation fee, with less then 1 weeks notice 100%,  as we will have turned down other bookings to maintain your place on our schedule and this leaves us no time to fill that spot.


Back-Up Sitter 

Jax Pet Sitting does not job share period. We do not accept pet sitting assignments where you have also asked someone else to check in or care for your pet(s) during the same time period that we are performing requested services. Our insurance and bonding policies cover Jax Pet Sitting employees only and other people entering your premises during our assignment compromises our insurance and liability.

Please cancel home cleaning services during our assignment as quite often cleaning personnel will open and close doors and pets will hide. This is particularly important for cats as they have a million secret hiding places that we humans cannot find or access. If you are away from home for several days then this could potentially result in the loss of your pet due to being trapped without food and water.

If you have anyone, for any reason whatsoever visiting and accessing your home during our assignment period then you will be required to sign a Liability Waiver releasing us from personal and insurance liabilities and/or damage/loss to your pets or property.

If you require any doors or windows to be left open in your home during our assignment period then you will be required to sign a Liability Waiver releasing us from personal and insurance liabilities and/or damage/loss to your pets or property. 

(904) 887 5836